Surgical Procedure Pricing

Pricing of liposuction/surgical procedures must be individually determined at the
patient’s consultation visit at Health Additions, PLLC. Below are starting prices for the areas treated based on the smaller end of the size and fat content patient:


Area Beginning Price
Chin & Anterior Neck $1800
Upper Arms (both) $2500
Male Breast (both) $2500
Upper & Lower Abdomen $3200
Bilateral Waist (w/abdomen) $4000
Mid Back & Axilla (bilateral) $2500
Saddle Bags/Lateral Thighs $2300
Inner Thighs w/out Knees $2500

*Pricing for other areas determined at consultation
**Remember that these are based on the small end of the size/fat content patient and will be adjusted at your consultation

Other Procedures

Area Beginning Price
Tummy Tuck/Abdominalplasty w/Liposuction $5800 (includes epidural if needed)
Tummy Tuck/Abdominalplasty w/o Liposuction $5200 (includes epidural if needed)
Brachiopexy/Skin & Fat Removal Upper Arms $3900